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well pro stickles new round of talks of the roles we play program all week israeli prime minister travels to moscow. in his last minute bid to the rental agreement they chose european ambitions the blokes planning massive email or treat rules and he used to maintain cooperation to the afghan mission finish is this what physical badly in europe spoken. russia grows bail to the majority of greenpeace
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activists to take this building and all sick already the release of foreign aid to them. the last twenty four of us . the most cities to terms with his ot be the difference a day lol pounds of beginning a new round of talks is that the wrongs make a prayer that says israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in moscow it in the hope of preventing any progress in the negotiations. he's put a book and has been following developments in geneva forests. hey that's just the school id at east high representative catherine ashton that's what the iranian foreign ministry ten thousand of the fence because reports that the routine has been creeped out to be precisely what we have had a lot on the mind is of historical deal that could
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potentially contain entertaining is the principal buying playing with the ukrainian media program now a lot of ideas over and just spend a significant distance here in geneva. it's really easy place to clinching the deal price the cost of the mosman at sandown after his team's nickname came about he was responsible for it. now what we've seen in infants and the next day. the incident that has been banned from entry to the lobby of the intercontinental hotel pza lot o these edications ons i went toduring revious told that an arrest i think cooper taking themselvesght police it aid its books to carry species. that's a generous amount of points the media center whh is about ten minutes away. let that take place in the past camp is that the delegation sent to the point. all the information leaked from
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the routines before auntie listen to what was intended as a number of wild beaches or descriptive and what to make sticky about the cost of that deal being struck a saying that the charts this for a hike. these came from peering inside and st that dateld aeo make a section indicating that they would never know what happened since the twelve pallets at how they keep the lines that likes to look at firebrand have been a major stumbling block in the previous talks think that that's offhe table fact that delegations he can sing can get down to businesses the penalties and maybe just maybe before the end of the weekend to that seat historical deal being made to best advantage of talks is taking place against the backdrop of speech isn't free yments to benjamin netanyahu's visit to moscow in order to meet queensland to me appears to me and auntie stupid and not say has been fun during these meetings for us. the prime minister benjamin netanyahu
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has seen his athletes to get another team on the run from ut and had to with the p five plus one popping in to moscow in a bid to convince the rest of his arguments we believe that better deal can be reached. it requires persistence and consistency will be a peaceful solution to iran's nuclear program the solution just like the one that was found for eliminating serious chemical arsenal. my head and repeated he said. i feel that all can be reached. she eventually the issue in negotiations at the peak life plus one with iran has shown that such a possibility exists and optimistic about these talks and if i'm called on israel an unexpected shots of support. after rejecting the deal presented in geneva last week. by the avant garde taking without a fight
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the scout hall. some nions have sent relations with toby that they are influenced by all their influence but the atmosphere that's been created around around five plus one countries which are holding talks with iran. it is unbecoming when some of them were indeed one specific nation is being influenced by toby publications. so where is the steel that has israel's prime minister running from one country to country. the p five plus one wants iran to halt its nuclear program in exchange already facing a crippling sanctions. while world leaders to welcome the new voice of change from president to hide. israel's ally the us seems to be stopped in the middle. this waiting complex not to stop the run with more sanctions during weekend she has the backing of shaky relationship with israel obama says he's optimistic that a deal can be made that will not jeopardize israel's security. if i left a un statement saying that he'd mind me is a welcoming increased inspections
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the something like that may be complete. but it will make it to the finishing line as the wind. the bombers a moscow. we'll talk started more than a decade ago but it did help in two thousand and five that's when i'm in the mission becomes president of iran resumese renamed enrichmen dousing the peaceful nature of its intentions the un security council approves the first round of sanctions against iran that. in two thousand and six. concerns grew with every two thousand and ten iran begins uranium enrichment to the twenty percent level now that's a significant bounce towards producing weapons grade uranium. the us and israel holds a computer virus to attack iran is mika facilities spokesman is discovered in july two thousand and ten. the lack of progress in talks leads to the eu significantly expanding its sanctions in two thousand and eleven the election of a duty to
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several money allows for for he wngs latis with the west and negotiations resume. mid autumn was a columnist for the hottest newspaper that is what powers it comes to an agreement that many in israel are in favor of. off all indications that the oldies in the making the far side you could always so full through the file level four on the players on his face on some minor point but the general direction is the colts in agreement. colts the conciliation and then maybe these are the property i think it's a very good the development of the country was done at any hour. we make it fifty years these two dap been killed in a series of lost in iraq the bloodshed is skyrocketing lymphoma in crowded areas and busy streets almost everyday. more analysis of the situation is
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ahead here in austin thus while winding down its combat mission in afghanistan make those seeking to boost its men to treat rules in europe the come on this coming mon scan exercises which they say half two inch all the nice keep working smoothly together like the latest major war games held in poland the baltic republics end of this month. these without noticing is involving six thousand troops that the us that golf is even bigger plans for the future upcoming bills in twenty fifteen which would take place in spain and portugal are expected to gather force of more than forty thousand with the financially troubled europeans in all sixteen own painful because ambitious fills us up to the shore of the reports. european nations i'm sure. all to match america's commitment to the doctor commitments is set to seal the points on four thousand trees deployed on the news this week in the eu
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in the coming years old and will work for the future of the alliance. once the combat mission in afghanistan is over. the question is how we can to retain these operational experience this happened in the case of so you must exercise. you must train your forces must test whether the old workings were the c'mon structure works that includes the incomparable called me and i'll miss a folding east german security office attend all of the spending in korea watching nate and cheering the culpable. he's in buying the reason given that this is a cost of the winding down of operations in afghanistan this year hope. and there isn't any need to put the streets in europe. i think they would have dreamt up operations even if the mets' tom wasn't coming to an end that's down to what he sees is a change in me too policy polling actions in libya. toward syria. one was
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done he said in a defensive on me they want an army of intervention of the correction make those responsible for three courses available on spending the time when many of its members in fact right here in central pool in a group that demonstrates his own fell upon a saying known to wallace's intervention but the cinema. it's crazy to think that this is anything to do with any rogue states by holding operations in europe shows that i was still looks towards russia idk if the chemical and put the lace is getting cooler and more to getting more expensive the sites of excise is a threat to sight see they want politicians to pay attention to the real cost of ministry spending. with both the euro zone countries still point to serious economic models. it's understandable what europeans would be an easy to find surely help to make their war games at the time they can least afford it. the troll but on the building. the time
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the european union is struggling to rein in the mounting government debt and a sturdy stricken nations of the study proving that their defense budgets in recent years. hard economic times like the present the sting mitre corporation is not a major priority of his conduct can discuss the issue with retired us army colonel douglas macgregor. this is nature is struggling to hold the loans together. so that my friends here at the top twenty fifty nato has his word games with forty thousand troops. i'm in portugal and spain. these countries of course we'll have to chip in to make it happen that's a huge expense for their battered economies what's what's your jeans will we ever need to move into ducks exercises of any color. there's always a great deal of time and money invested in what i would call a lot solidarity. and i know there's great concern about the troubled nature of the economies particularly on the iberian peninsula in portugal and spain. i think we want to reaffirm that they
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are close members of the alliance that we are behind them that we support them. and what better way to do that than to conduct an exercise in one paragraph and a lot of money. this money is already budgeted the more than half the truthful probably the air and naval forces. so they have to conduct a certain number of operations one way or the other. the sunny discussions on how we don't see seats future. there are so proud of what they did to gain media it seems that the sea near future in this kind of combined operations but when you think about it maybe it was on the success we ultimately unleashed forces in that country. so the islamic forces that are anti western anti american and ultimately antithetical to the interests of libya's future social and political development. we don't know how will that you will turn out the snake season as a success. that's the example for the foolishness that the messaging truth. there were enormous problems with the operation. had he seen
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the future of nato the biggest of its three questionable. overtime is going to be harder in order to hold the alliance together and so i i don't see that the nato alliance holding together in its current form for another decade. well maybe these exercises are not such a bad idea or maybe three four while mingle will not act for the bomb and invade other countries to keep myself busy. with me in washington colonel douglas mcgregor and i'm finished i found last month. he captained the greenpeace vessel unfolds in the storming of the russian arctic oil rig has been released on bail. members of his bill the head of the trial for the game is and has now climbed to twenty connecticut to small. rushing for it in st petersburg as the other the american captain of the greenpeace ship. peter willcox an area before it has also decided that he's due the same
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distance goal for the board has decided to use it to dutch greenpeace activists ssc can see more than half of the key says down not up but that's the dt it then now standing trial for hooliganism after the tri c of steel and oil platform in the arctic back in september and the full active as that said to have thought of so far appeared before the court on the wind has been ordered to stay in pre trial detention pending trial that this trial an activist helen russell. nike will remain in the pre trial detention until covering twenty fourth and at the hearings for the gathering said will be carried out said leaders throughout the week. one of russia's told times has had his licence for two and allegations of money laundering to bring you details on that story about its accompaniment. the room
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the lido so we did. bush's security. years ago the questions that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics. only on rte the doors. the stories you can do. changing the world likes. eight years
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the us . being stripped of its licence because of the most skilled tube its operations. the central bank or destroys most of them for money fuel is against money laundering and false accounting of these is the capital of the deacons russia's financial regulator had provoked the operating license for master bank on wednesday opening the door to to depositors in history in the history of russia almost a billion dollars owed them after they allegedly guilty of conducting large scale suspicious operations that had violated the laws against money laundering as well as the financing of terrorism this is according to a statement from russia's central bank explain its decision. i said that there were dubious transactions and offering tax avoidance theft
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of budget funds bribes kickbacks including drug related. operations are very big concern now a master bank is one of the country's top one who thinks in terms of assets top five in terms of atm operations and the spark that on the second wave of problems with atm withdrawals among that not only master paying customers but also other bank claims that were working out with master bank account master think it hold an estimated one point four billion dollars in deposits which will now be state that paid out by the state run agency to deposit insurance agency officials there trying to call for calm saying that the financial payments will be made on time to clients that no one could actually be reached for the master think headquarters at which we closed on wednesday we did get the police were searching that thinks that headquarters trying to make progress with their investigation and this is of course the largest bank to lose its license this year twenty three so far had their licence revoked this here what team has done to many
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stores we including to make a sms realtors in fact old mayor city council is turned into a bed the report was stripped of most of these pilots can watch them as impulsive retreats in the game promotions section multi vocal. cost is america's made too much is in jeopardy ever brand new computer virus into a website to find out exactly where the u s medical concerns stem from. a series of deadly bombings across baghdad has taught at the crowded areas most of them in shia neighborhoods for gay people were reported to have been killed and sixty five when did. unrest is starting in iraq with twenty thirteen the deadliest in the last five years. what that number might swing by the violence in the country since two thousand and three is estimated at about a hundred and twenty thousand the four thousand suicide bombers having carried out the attacks using police produce schools mosques and
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busy streets. don't like his agenda mr crean extensively covering the issue says the iraqi government is unable to control the radicals pouring in to iraq. the antiwar movement in the opening defeats. today that this is just a few will happen if the next and he went to that person to complete the feat. so this is a key so the chickens coming home to yours. but the caveat that the entire region is in complete chaos. the court with the cough and was difficult for all security forces in iraq. i was sitting a few key to let them stay that's why it's important that the west. this picture on mr whose opposition allies the shoe store breaking into homes that are pushing people but to isolate these sunni fundamentalist we have no place in the future of the day. and online team is created the special court to keep track of the current casualties in iraq and to draw attention to
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the luncheon. it's just a click away. i don't eat cocoa though. i would. she would make it home to one hundred and fifty billion dollar cleanup operation. reporting to become a highly pulse japan's matthew also present at kylie's sitting on a pyramid of sub contract isn't according to police. some of them have ties to organized crime pool working conditions and better safety standards make those taking part in
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the cleanup feel victimized these elections just as he reports. as is clearing up the danger is debris in the aftermath of japan's worst national business in this entry was not tough enough this form of pushing the workers says he's having to skew the firm which hired him. i was out of work after the tsunami to a job offer to sheila came up and took it to cost a lot of money even saw the long term contract. then suddenly terminated not even pay me a third the promise of you have a feeling that you were mistreated. absolutely we were given no insurance for health risks. no radiation readers even we were treated like nothing like disposable people. they promised thing is that it is that when we received a large radiation dose this young man volunteered to jump into new piano to make a living. many others though were forced still claims investigative journalist or keep the suzuki who went undercover to focus too much filming with a camera hidden in his watch he discovered that many of the workers were brought in
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by the infamous on the world syndicate. the yuppies. so this is yet to achieve. just one phone call to live in japan. quite often when a certain construction project requires an immediate due in large numbers. bosses make a phone call to the efforts. so was the case with coca she met government will tend to take urgent action. two related to sub contract is valued. eventually as they have a shortage of available workers called the arkansas for help or what. sima is no ordinary construction site the work is drawn to the flower punch by the gap was a mostly with gambling debts to the windies nation or family obligations often had absolutely no idea what they were dealing with a total cortical although they were given very general info about radiation and most well known even given radiation they couldn't expose themselves to dodge this is without even knowing. even the so called focused team of fifty. the first group of workers sent them immediately after the disaster. at least
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three of them were in rolled on the jackets. then you will suzuki publish details of what he says is solid evidence of a temple officials remained defiant any mistreatment or organize crime involvement is taking place. most are dealing with interesting to shoot a look this country in safe conditions. we also do partially little while eating so complex that the company and its sub contract is already short pants. there are twenty five percent more openings for job of pushing the blonde then applicants according to government data gaps filled says suzuki by the homeless the desperate the unemployed and even bills with mental disabilities there are no exact figures as to how many people are involved in the folk wish him a clear up operation but rough estimate suggests that this may be up to a quarter of a million people and with experts saying that it may take another forty years to complete to liquidate the aftermath of the design stuff. it's pretty hard to imagine how many more workers will be in a vault in this dangerous line of duty. and
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more importantly how many of them will feel disposable and expendable. once the jokes and makes us ask the auntie reporting from japan the citizen found the missing tape from the cockpit voice recorder the passenger plane which crashed near the russian seeded cousin to follow the decoding of the record has revealed details about the maneuvers of the pundits moments before the tragedy although some evening the thirty seven three seven aborted landing at the airport because an offer that the crew requested the second attempt. the plane rapidly climbed to a haunted seven hundred meat as well losing speed. the crew then for suggesting to him to live in order to retain speed but it hit the ground and almost vertical nice guy. all fifty on board were killed. lowndes agree to this the nile in egypt at least twelve soldiers are being killed and twenty four wounded in a car bomb attack inside a suicide bomber rammed an explosives
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laden vehicle into one of two buses carry off duty soldiers in the heartland of the kids in this consistency the attack came just hours off to raid on a checkpoint in the capital with four police officers were wounded by an exclusive device will happen. he's trained hundreds of students gathered in front of the minister of education in the trade to protest against the new education reform bill which is targeting a group of the country from its traditional wooden force more cops on time for a system where students with less money you will have the same opportunities as well well the back. we do that with more news for the team and often if not the meantime for our international viewers the very highest ranks of government and its dutch subjected to the menace of naked protests in the wall full of history as we have on you showed going underground this is auntie. the b a
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japanese to spend sixteen elements. makes six to eight twelve. schooling is compulsory as is the following two years of junior highs. schools are free. the parents can choose the right to send their children to private schools instead. missing are doing things he has to change your shoes to fill. most elementary school classes contain between thirteen and fourteen. and each class is based in its own. new morning assemblies are held within this something that always leads to pain the season forty five minutes. in first and second in the school day
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consists of four or two more the great too often in demand each elementary school class has its own them and teach it teaches the course of six japanese language math science concepts the little kid. fourth grade. the range of studies becomes more comprehensive and include subjects such as competing sixth graders. home economics subjects like sony as well. when getting english language classes the hungry and teachers often still plainly cheapskate inspections. some subjects like music. pupils leave the room into a special touch the music is tuned to a
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cooling you can tune into playing instruments and to sing. the he would choke people's needs and do craft projects. ace ten seconds but any content on youtube or what the body of a platoon of us. sports meet lots of space a practice to do some sports. i know. sports the medium and small special equipment. don't image experience. it's time for lunch. indeed most schools pupils will be newer and faster. st jude's kenya korea
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builds the gym and on the corman groups. joining a sports car has the solution is to make new friends. since each club will have members from when fourth to sixth grade. the child to greek cookery across. children really enjoyed the fact of existence are allowed to choose what most interests some people choose to help with the directive and running of the school. some point during the lunch period others take care of contaminants being raised on the school grounds. beating them and treating the end. i asked the ftc. japanese elementary school education is designed to be called
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recruits. developing tools for these personalities as well as their mark. you leave knew who will. and pa's. i eye. the little joe cummings by bland and dry. thanks to join me. senior envoys gathered geneva and in the wood to reach a deal on iran's nuclear. the teenage focused on the education activists while i like is the site collects the use of products. amid mounting criticism over germany's farm exports to saudi


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